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Patient Monitor – Solar Eclipse 8000i

The GE Marquette Solar Eclipse 8000i Patient Monitoring System can display various vital sign waveforms including 5-lead ECG, oxygen saturation (SP02/pulse oximetry), respiration rate, as well as blood pressure.

This working monitor can be used as a “live” patient/actor hookup, displaying actual human vital signs in real time.  An optional Patient Simulator device can also be hooked up in order to dial in specific vital sign numbers and waveforms.

Unlike some other patient monitors, the Solar Eclipse screen can be used with Video Playback by plugging a standard DVI cable into the monitor.  This way you can have the look of a real medical device but still, have customized graphics appear on screen.

Each unit comes on a rolling stand and includes 5-lead ECG cables, SP02 cable and finger probe, blood pressure cuff with cable and Red Dot ECG electrode stickers.