New Accounts

Need to set up a new account with A-1 Medical?

Just fill out our "A1 New Accounts" and "A1 Rental Agreement" forms and email or fax them back to us.

email:  or  fax: 818-753-0320

  • File

    A1 New Accounts (PDF)

    Fill out this form so we can open an account for your production.
  • File

    A1 Rental Agreement (PDF)

    New to A-1 Medical? Check out our rental terms here.
  • File

    A1 Credit Card Auth Form (PDF)

    If you need to pay by credit card and can't bring the card in person, please fill out this form.


    We also require a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE for orders totaling more than $500.


  • File

    A1 Medical W-9 Form 2018 (PDF)

    Most productions need a copy of our W-9 for accounting purposes. Download it here.
  • File

    A1 Medical CA590 Form 2018 (PDF)

    Some productions need a copy of our CA-590 form for accounting purposed. Download it here